What Is Lustour?

Lustour is a lab created marvel that surpasses any stone in brilliance, beauty, and luster. It is a masterpiece created with a special patented process that is a fusion of art and technology. Each stone is hand cut to beauty and perfection – almost always flawless and colorless!

Stone Refractive Index Dispersion Toughness
Lustour 2.4 0.066 Excellent
Diamond 2.42 0.044 Excellent
Moissanite 2.65 0.104 Good
Ruby 1.77 0.018 Decent
Saphire 1.58 0.018 Decent

H & A

Lustour is a perfect Ideal Cut Stone with 8 Point Hearts and Arrow patterns in every round brilliant cut stone. Each stone is hand cut to maximize its unmatched beauty and to enhance its brilliance.